GE 1450L New Launched Intelligent high speed flute laminator

Detail Descriptions: 1. Feeding System for Upper Paper:l Adopting dedicated high-speed feeder to make sure that both the thick and the thin papers can be delivered rapidly and smoothly. 2. Liftin

Detail Descriptions: 

1.   Feeding System for Upper Paper:

l  Adopting dedicated high-speed feeder to make sure that both the thick and the thin papers can be delivered rapidly and smoothly. 

2.   Lifting Platform for Upper Paper: 

l  To assort with high-speed feeder, adopting high-intensive turbine reducer to ensure the stability when speeding up instantly. 

3.   Carrier for Upper Paper: 

l  Adopting paper-piling device, feeding paper without stop which can reduce paper supplementing time and increase the working efficiency. 

4.   Pre-loading for Upper Paper:

l  Adopting imported linear guide way and lead screw to ensure the high precision, adjusting the sheet size automatically and saving the paper replacing time infinitely. 

5.   Feeding System for Bottom Paper:

l  Vacuum suction belts with holes ensure the paper  can be fed smoothly and rapidly .Adopt servo drive electric controlling system feeder, easily feed low weight board  from 300gsm to heavy board up to 5ply or 10mm.

6.   Automatic lubrication system:

l  Automatic lubrication system allows the machine free of maintenance.

7. Paper Aligning System:

l  Adopting advanced high speed motion control servo tracking system to ensure the laminating accuracy.

8.   Mechanical Structure:

l  All rollers dimeters are increased by 150 mm to ensure high speed without flying glue. Double bearing automatic oil supply system greatly reduces mechanical failure and prolongs the service life of the machine. The front seat of the base paper is thicker to strengthen its ruggedness and durability. 

9. Operating System:

l  The whole electric control operating system adopts motion control system to make the operation easier and relax, only need to input the sheet size through touch screen and can be able to achieve the automatic adjustment, saving the paper replacing time and reducing the operative difficulty index, which shows the superiority of automation indeed.

l  It can realize remote monitoring and maintenance of equipment.



Max.Sheet Size(W×L)

1450mm × 1450mm

Min.Sheet Size(W×L)

420mm × 380mm

Upper sheet thickness


Bottom Sheet thickness


Max Working Speed


Laminating Accuracy

±1mm(Standard Sheet Paper)

Applicable Glue

Resin adhesive,starch glue and etc.(PH6-8 will be suitable for laminating glue)

Machine Weight



15.4m x 2.3m x 2.55m



Applicable Paper

Thin paper,paperboard,coated paper,solid board,cardboard,etc.,

Applicable Corrugated Board

High Strength Normalization 2ply(A,B,E,F flute),3ply,4ply,5ply,etc.


Machine speed and accuracy are depended on the paper quality,operation,etc.,

In the interest of product improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications, features and configurations  without notice.

Cardboard to cardboard;

Cardboard to corrugated board;

Cardboard to KT/foam board.